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CocoaBox - All your Cocoa/Objective-C/Swift Snippets and all your Source Files on all your Macs.

CocoaBox Manual
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How to create a new snippet

> Menu > File > New Snippet

How to create a new snippet from clipboard

> Menu > File > New Snippet From Clipboard
Hint: New snippets can be created with a custom global hotkey. > Preferences > PTHotkeyCombo

How to create a new snippet from an existing file

> Menu > File > New Snippet From File
Note: Import is not limited to certain file formats. All things text will work.
How to work with snippets

There are three two different ways to re-use stored snippets:

1. Copy them into the clipboard
2. Directly paste them into the frontmost App (Sandboxing Victim)
3. Drag snippet out of CocoaBox

Note: You can apply the default behavior for the action in the Preferences.
Hint: To paste multiple code snippets in a row into Xcode - simply select them in the tableview and drag them out.

About the syntax highlighting

Yes, the CocoaBox syntax highlighting is much better than in other solutions,
but it is of course far from being perfect.

In case you find (and you probably will) something I missed
- please be so kind as to drop me a line.
That way I can add it to the next update. Thanks.
How to attach files

> Menu > File > Attach File
Note: Of course you can also simply drag files into the files view.

How to work with files

You can Quick Look attached files (space)
Note: The files view works like a Finder window.

In the Preferences you can apply the default behavior for files.
Dragging files out moves files to destination.
Dragging while 'alt key' is pressed copies files to destination.

How to use the Tag Cloud

You can tag snippets under the detail view.
Tags will be auto completed.
To search for such a tag: simply click on it in the Tag Cloud.
To search for multiple tags: select tag with 'command key' pressed.
To revoke selection: click into empty space in the Tag Cloud.
How to search for content

> Menu > Edit > Find > Snippet Search…
Start to type search term.
Select desired snippet with arrow up and down keys.

Everything in CocoaBox is searchable.
Which means you can search for title, content, notes - and even attached files.

1. Enable iCloud
2. Select the syntax highlighting theme
3. Select the font and the font size
4. Tell the CocoaBox window to always open on top of all others
5. Disable the window animation
6. Tell CocoaBox to automatically hide
7. By default CocoaBox wraps the lines
8. Apply own global hotkey for activating CocoaBox
9. Apply own global hotkey for creating new snippets
   > Select if new snippet should be created with clipboard content
10. Tell CocoaBox what to do as action for code snippets
   > Copy them to clipboard
11. Tell CocoaBox what to do as action for source files
   > Reveal them in Finder or open them with the default editor?